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Opening A Barber Shop is run by a group of experienced barber's and hair salon professionals that have come together to provide you with everything you need to start and run your own barbershop.

If you're looking to open your own barbershop, then you've come to the right place, where barbers with decades of experience have contributed their knowledge, resulting in our award winning barbershop business startup guide which has been featured in dozens of magazines, ezines and media sites.

You will find everything you need within our featured ebook to open up your shop, from choosing a location, to startup funding to day to day operations.

You won't find any other guide as detailed and as simple to follow as ours on the web.

The fact is, if you ask anybody in the beauty industry, "hair salon/barbershop", they will tell you that it is an extremely lucrative business to be in due to the fact that the biggest costs are startup after which is then mostly profit.  Even if out-of-pocket startup costs are necessary, you may not need much money if you're opening a small barbershop in your neighborhood.  Our guide will show you how to drastically minimize your equipment and leasing expenses.

Our recommendation to all newcomers is start small, then grow.

We have a turnkey barbershop business startup system that is industry proven, which anyone can follow.

The beauty of this business and most others is that even if you don't have the experience, capital or skill to deliver quality haircuts, you can still profit just as much when running it.  Simply hire experienced barbers and focus your efforts on the management of it.

Depending on size, barbershops can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as it is nearly pure profit once it is set up.  Our web site provides exactly that, an eBook on how to open your own barbershop with little to no startup cash required.

We are dedicated to this business and we love what we do.  We take vacations when we want and all have our regular client base as you will when you start your own shop and begin business.

With decades of experience in the barbershop industry, we have been asked countless times in the shop by customers if business is good and how difficult it is to get started.  We always tell them business is good and it just takes a bit of planning to jump in the business.

You see, what makes our guide so unique, is the fact that it is written by a group of experienced and successful barbers who have combined all of their knowledge and viewpoints to create a powerful, step-by-step turnkey guide to for aspiring barbers to follow and begin profiting from the business without the uncertainty or risk.

Having been in this business for many years, we built our businesses on trial and error methods, some of which has cost us dearly, but we're now offering our insight and proven business techniques that we have honed during that time to those who pick up our guide.

Getting Started

To maximize your chances of success in this business, like in any other, planning is essential.  Before you get in too deep, it is extremely important to have a plan so startup goes smoothly without any hitches.

Many people assume that it's pretty straightforward looking from the outside in, and simply jump in the business without any preparation.

Those who do not have plan or an idea what steps they need to take to start their business typically have a 10-20% chance of making the business work, whereas those with a plan and steps-to-follow with the proper resources have a much higher chance of making it work.

All it takes is motivation and a bit of planning to start and run your own barber shop.   Whether you have experience cutting hair or not, we provide a proven business plan to help those looking to enter into this business reap tremendous residual profits from the barbershop industry without jumping through hoops.

Our guide provides you with a crash course, no filler or fancy worded guide on how to open up your barber shop point by point.

We have left nothing out from our barbershop ebook.  From obtaining funds through SBA and other organizations that provide startup grants that do not have to be paid back to our master list of insider methods of obtaining free/low cost advertising methods we use every day.

Remember, we live by the following view: Minimize Risk and Maximize Profit

When you pick up a copy of our Internationally renown eBook "which can be applied to any country", we are confident that you will be impressed by our straightforward aggressive barbershop business startup approach as thousands of others have.

Barbershops have been for ages, and will continue to be even as hair salons become increasingly prevalent as there is no substitute for going into getting a no-frills quick cut and socializing with the local barber.

Below, will find some of topics covered in our guide which will assist you in opening your barbershop quickly and easily.

Funding Sources, Finding A Strategic Location In A High Traffic Area At A Low Cost, Negotiating the Lease, Build A Barbershop, Development of Marketing Materials, Marketing, Networking, Ambiance, Obtaining A Business License, Budget, Sales Tax ID "if applicable, Delivering Quality Hair Cuts, Equipment Purchasing, Implementing Your Plan, plus so much more.

See Below For A Detailed List of Topics Covered In Our eBook

Bonus #1
An Exclusive Industry Insider List Of Over 100 Free/Low Cost Advertising Methods

Bonus #2
A List of 5000 Investors, Proven Government and Private Sector Funding Sources, Grants, Venture Capital Resources, Plus so much more! 

Economic Growth Grants That Do Not Have To Be Paid Included!

Key Benefits To Running
A Barbershop
A Recession Proof Business
Minimal Risk and Tremendous Residual Profit Potential
After Initial Startup, Maintenance and Overhead Costs Are Low
Make Your Own Hours - Take Vacations When You Want
  No Experience Necessary - No Skill, No Problem!  Simply manage.

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